Frog Beach House is located on Aow Yai, 3km of white sand lapped by the playful waters of the Andaman Sea. Once here, you won't want to leave. Each day is full of sunshine, which ends only when the sun sinks over the sea and the Burmese (Myanmar) islands across the waters.

Experience the best of what Aow Yai has to offer at Frog Beach House, where our only wish is to make sure your stay on Koh Phayam is a memory cherished.

Behind the bungalows, the jungle closes in with its variety of plant and animal life. This is what makes Koh Phayam stand out from Thailand's many other holiday islands. It remains largely undeveloped. Apart from the few resorts along its beaches and the cashew orchards and rubber plantations in the interior, the island is as natural today as it has been down through the years.

There are no cars and the power comes from natural sources such as the sun and wind, supported by generators. Lie in your bungalow and be lulled to sleep by the peaceful sounds of nature.